Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Social Justice

Many progressive Catholics lament that the Church is not committed enough to social justice. They want the Church to be the champions of universal healthcare, lifting the minimum wage, ending the death penalty, and for some - relaxing its beliefs with regard to contraception. Did you hear the cacophony in the aftermath of the election of Pope Benedict XVI? "Let's hope this Pope does more for the poor in the developing world." (As if that is the Church's primary mission). I didn't hear the social justice wing of the Catholic Church say "let's hope this Pope continues to uphold Church doctrine with regard to life issues." Now don't get me wrong, I do have serious concerns about our lack of charity toward our fellow man. There is much that the rich West could do to lift our brothers and sisters in Christ out of poverty (see my blog entry on temporality). If we just gave a fraction of our surplus, numerous lives could be improved.

Having said that, my rule of thumb is to never trust a Catholic organization that is committed to social justice and not commited to protecting the unborn. Look through their literature or their homepage and more often than not you will see no mention of pro-Life initiatives. More than likely, because they are luke warm Pro-Lifers at best or pro-abortion at worst. I would argue that the pro-Life cause and Social Justice are inextricably linked. Life is the ultimate Social Justice cause - everything else falls in line behind it. There are organizations promoting Social Justice properly - respecting human life in all its forms - from conception to natural death and all points in between. We would do well to find and support such organizations.


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