Thursday, April 28, 2005

We're not in Kansas anymore

Recently, I was doing a little bit of channel surfing and stumbled upon an old movie on TCM. It was in black and white and obviously from the 1940's. The men and women who were walking up and down the street were dressed well, were polite, and, of course, there were no stereos blasting from automobiles with the horrid sounds of rap "music". That same night I happened to catch a couple of minutes of Leave it to Beaver on TV Land. Again, it was like being transported via a time warp to a more genteel, innocent time. I was hit with the realization that I was born in the wrong era. How I wish for a time when manners, decency and morality matter. (Before anyone chimes in with how those time periods were not without their faults like discrimination, I concur. I am speaking here of the general zeitgeist of society - no era was completely faultless). Nowadays, nearly every type of aberrant behavior is explained away. How dare we say that someone is living in sin. We are not to be judgemental - we are to be tolerant. So we tolerate gay unions and treat them like marriage, we tolerate the killing of the elderly and the unborn and call it compassion, and we promote immorality in innumerable ways and call it "diversity of opinion". This is precisely why many of us Catholics are attracted to the Tridentine Latin Mass (TLM). It is our opportunity to go back to an era that is right and good in so many ways. We are fortunate enough to still have that glimmer of light in the darkness and with God's grace it will continue to grow. More on that later...


Blogger Justso said...

Very, very well said David.
Very well said.

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